Contrary to internet definitions, cash flow isn’t just the amount of money moving in and out of your business – it’s also knowing when that money moves.

This feature will import your cash on hand up to the present, as reported by QuickBooks Online. Looking at your historical cash on hand can give you valuable information that can help you lower your risk.

Pulse won’t automatically pull in a lot of transactions or other information you can’t use. It will sync your actual cash on hand so you can make better decisions about the future of your business. Read more about how it works on our blog.

How to integrate QuickBooks

Setting up Quickbooks integration is easy for account holders.

Click Integrate with QuickBooks in the right-hand column. Under Quickbooks Integration, click the green plus next to Add Quickbooks Account. Sign in to authorize Pulse to access your QuickBooks Online account. If you have multiple accounts, select which one(s) you’d like to integrate.

Edit the name of your QuickBooks account and select which bank accounts you’d like to use.

Now what?

Now if you go to your Cash Flow monthly view, the blue row across the top shows what we projected in Pulse, and the gray row below shows your cash on hand from QuickBooks Online.

This lets us see the differences between what we thought our cash flow would look like, versus our actual transactions.

Bear in mind, your information will be only as accurate as you’ve entered it into QuickBooks. This integration doesn’t automate anything, but it arms you with the knowledge needed to prepare for what might happen.

QuickBooks won’t show you your cash on hand as a trend line, but Pulse will – and it will compare what did happen against what you thought was going to happen.

We are planning on building a more robust QBO integration in the future. If you're more interested in knowing when we add that feature, you can add your email to our QBO list here:

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