There are two situations where you'd want to adjust a single line on a transaction.

One, a transaction cleared on a different date than you thought it would and you want to update that transaction to be more accurate in your reports. 

You probably noticed that you can only edit the amount and not the date on line items in Pulse, but there's a workaround: 

  1. When you're viewing the transaction, click Edit next to the line that was late.
  2. The popup will ask if you want to edit all or just that line, so click "Adjust Payment". Enter 0 as the amount for that one.
  3. Then scroll down to where you see the "Add another line" link, and input the amount and the correct date, and make sure to leave Repeat set to "Never".
  4. Then click Save. Now it's accurate.

The second situation is when a transaction (probably income) was only partially paid. Let's use Website Hosting as an example. You've set up a recurring income transaction to occur on the first of every month for $100, but your client only paid you $50 and is going to pay you the rest later.

  1. Edit that line to adjust the payment from $100 to $50.
  2. Add a line item to the transaction (like we did in situation #1) for the remaining $50 with a memo saying "will be paid later" or something to remind you why it's there.
  3. Later, you can go back and change the date of that single $50 line to the date it actually cleared.