Financial Accounts are a grouping of income and expense items that can be used for tracking or reporting purposes.

They’re designed to be flexible and can be used to differentiate between bank accounts, companies, individuals or between personal and business entries.

Example uses for Accounts

As mentioned above, we have really worked to make Accounts as flexible as possible, and we believe that they can be used in a number of ways. Some of those examples include:

  • Financial Accounts - separate income and expense entries according to a bank register or account, like multiple bank accounts, lines of credit, credit cards, etc…
  • Business & Personal Accounts - Pulse is great for freelancers to track their business’s cash flow. But it would also be great to compare personal versus business income or expenses. Using Accounts, freelancers can neatly organize their income and expense entries by “Business” or “Personal” for easy filing and comparison.
  • Sales Forecasting & Tracking - Pulse is a great forecasting tool. With Accounts, it’s easy to organize your income and expenses. Some possible uses would be to create separate accounts for each sales person, or industry-specific accounts.

Each cash flow view and reports page displays a convenient Accounts box where you can toggle accounts on and off for quick comparisons.